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Build trust in your business’s security with a comprehensive, licensed and certified penetration tests. In cooperation, we are working closely with great team at Skullkey AB 🇸🇪 to provide a high-value deliveries to all of our clients. Stay ahead of potential adversaries and give no room for costly incidents.

Here at , we offer complete security audit assessments and cyber services designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures, and provide a detailed remediation roadmap.

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We’re Experts in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Research. We don’t do bug bounties with outside consultants.

With you get an experienced team, consistent and proven testing methodology, powered by daily research-&-development practice.

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Secure your web app and find vulnerabilities that other companies often miss. Beat cybercriminals at their own game with our manual penetration testing scope, based on OWASP methodologies. We do not use scanners, DAST/SAST or similar appliances to conduct the test; the engagement is executed in a manual and semi-automated approach. We offer classical black-box penetration tests (zero-knowledge) as well as white-box tests and code audits. Using backend languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, or even C++ and Delphi? Don't worry - we cover it all.

We have performed several hundreds of penetration tests against all kinds of web applications, APIs, Infrastructure and all other online services that may poses a risk while being online.

INTERNAL Once inside, an attacker’s work continues. Test your internal defensive layers to know how quickly an internal threat could compromise your entire network.

EXTERNAL Attackers have many tricks up their sleeves when trying to gain access. Will your perimeter stand up to breach attempts from an external vantage point?

WIRELESS Wireless networks are an often overlooked part of testing programs. Find out how your wireless connections expose internal networks you thought were segmented.

If you want your binary applications to be protected from license cracking, 0day (zero-day) exploits, or security issues - you should apply for binary penetration test. During this type of testing, we are digging deep in disassemblers, debuggers, decompilers, to try and detect potential security issues and vulnerabilities. We are one of few companies to offer a full blown Reverse Engineering and Binary engagements in our portfolio.

MOBILE Your Mobile application for iOS or Android platform is another vector for potential attackers and intruders. As mobile phones are long part of our daily lives, attackers and cyber-criminals have turned their malicious intention on Mobile users as well. We offer a Mobile Application penetration test as a part of Binary engagements.

DESKTOP Our team has years of academic and industry experience in compilers, code (de)obfuscation and attack formulation. If you are worried your Desktop application may be abused, cracked, pirated or attacked, you came to the right place. As with mobile apps. durakiconsulting offer similar analysis methodologies on Desktop apps., Thick Client apps. and Thin apps. This also includes Malware Analysis that your system may be affected with.

Phishing is a popular form of cybercrime because of how effective it is. Cybercriminals have been successful using emails, text messages, direct messages on social media or in video games, to get people to respond with their personal information. The best defense is awareness and knowing what to look for.

As a part of our daily tasks, we engage on human interaction - Social Engineering your employees, sending crafted Phishing emails (Spear Phishing), analysis of the threat ratio, and rising the overall cybersecurity awareness in the company by offering trainings and lectures.

As a part of Special Consulting services, we offer Red Teaming engagements. Our #RedTeamers will engage and attack your company infrastructure - as stealthy as possible - hiding from your IDS/WAF, Alarms, using novel pivoting techniques and tactics.

If you ever wondered how the company 'X' made their SaaS platform, how 'Y' company developed their business, or how 'Z' attracts so many customers; with our Strategic Reverse Engineering engagements, you will recieve the final delvierable containing internal knowledge of the 3rd party service you are interested in learning more about. Email or call us to learn more.

If you are a State Intelligence Agency, requiring a custom developed zero-day exploits, We can provide those depending on the target and the adversary who is being targeted. Email or call us to learn more.

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