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durakiconsulting LLC is a leading cybersecurity provider for ideas revolving around penetration testing, security assessments and reverse engineering.

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About The Company

Welcome to . We are a premier information security agency passionate about our work. We understand the challenges you face in this chaotic digital world, and we are here to guide you through.

With focus on a constant research and development, we regularly follow cyberspace impact on the world, and utilize our cutting-edge and innovative solutions to combat cybercrime.

At , we excel in tackling intricate technical challenges that demand tailored solutions beyond off-the-shelf SAST|DAST tools. Our team is highly specialised in technical challenges for both classic black-box (zero-knowledge) testing, and white-box tests, accompanied by comprehensive code audits.

Previous Work

* 1-to-1 Replication of Target asset via RET (strgc*.),
* Hacking into Apple webserver,
* Stealh-dumping databases over the proximity network,
* Free market research via competiton-position state,
* Adversary OSINT collection and forensic,
* State espionage counter-attacks
Tools we Developed

* nettis (github.com/durakiconsulting/nettis
* jeep (github.com/durakiconsulting/jeep
* virtualcar (github.com/duraki/virtualcar
* devist (github.com/duraki/devist
* socketcanx (github.com/duraki/socketcanx
* Sublime Packed (github.com/duraki/sublime-packed
* Anthrax ([private]
* OcsLoader ([private]
Notable Contributions

* CANToolz (github.com/duraki/CANToolz
* frida-cycript (github.com/nowsecure/frida-cycript

We are constantly putting our efforts into researching and developing new techniques to make digital world a safer place. Please visit our Portfolio page to see our latest researches.


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